GACS welcomes and encourages visits to school by parents, other adult residents of the community, and interested educators. In order for the educational program to continue undisturbed when visitors are present and to prevent the intrusion of disruptive persons into the schools, it is necessary to invoke visitor controls.

The control of the school is vested in the Head Master who has the ultimate responsibility for the administration and supervision of all decisions and activities on the school campus. The Head Master has the authority to prohibit the entry of any person or to expel any person when there is reason to believe the presence of such person would be detrimental to the good order of the school. If such an individual refuses to leave the school grounds or creates a disturbance, the Head Master is authorized to request from the local law enforcement agency whatever assistance is required to remove the individual. The Head Master also has the right to control the time of day, length of the visit, and to determine if a visitor is to be accompanied.

This policy does not apply to routine commercial deliveries or scheduled maintenance visits.

Visitor Procedure

Any person, who is not a student in good standing or staff member at the school, entering the premises of the school shall report to the Head Master or supervisor at the main office/reception area to make known the purpose of the visit and shall secure permission from the Head Master/supervisor before entering the facility. Unless the visitor is personally known to the Head Master or supervisor, the visitor is required to provide photo identification.

Unauthorized presence on school premises is strictly prohibited. All visitors desiring access to school premises must first receive permission from the Head Master or designee, sign in and out at the school office, and wear a visitor’s nametag while present on school premises. Persons desiring to meet with a teacher or student on school premises must arrange for an appointment through the Head Master.

Except for animals in the classroom that are used as part of the classroom instructions for the day, Environmental Health and Safety Issues, canines brought on the premises by law enforcement personnel for law enforcement purposes, service animals required for use by a person with a, or animals permitted under a security agreement, no other animals may be on school premises at any time.


Parents/Guardians are encouraged to plan conferences with teachers. To avoid interrupting the daily program, the parents should request a conference for after school hours or during a teacher’s conference period.

Visits by Board Members

As a matter of courtesy, individual Board members who are interested in visiting schools or classrooms on an unofficial basis shall contact the Head Master. The Board member shall be visiting as an interested individual in a similar capacity to any parent or citizen of the community. These visits should not be considered to be inspections nor as supervisory in nature. If, during a visit, a Board member observes a situation or condition which causes concern, s/he should discuss the situation first with the Executive Director as soon as convenient or appropriate. Such a report or discussion shall not be considered an official one from the Board.

Prohibition of Weapons and Illegal Substances

No person, except law enforcement and security officers, may have in his/her possession any weapon, illegal substance, or unauthorized dangerous substance while on school property or at school-sponsored events.

Violation of Law

Anyone known to be violating a local, State, or Federal law on GACS property or at a school function will be subject to referral for prosecution to the appropriate law enforcement agency. The referral process will be subject to State statutes and GACS Board policies.


Any person who enters or remains upon the school grounds without legitimate purposes may be found to be trespassing in violation of Florida statutes and subject to arrest and penalties under the law.

Administrative Procedures

The Executive Director shall promulgate such administrative procedures as are necessary for the protection of students and employees of the school from disruption of the educational program or the efficient conduct of their assigned tasks.

F.S. 810.097