Student Code of Conduct

Galloway Academy Charter School is an equal opportunity institution for education and employment. It is the policy of the GACS Board of Directors that each student regardless of race, color, creed or religion, sex, marital status, national origin, age, disability, or sexual orientation has the right to an opportunity for an education.

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GACS Staff Handbook

Those in teaching who have reached a professional level are at ease with themselves and with their work. Ease with one’s self comes from knowing what to accept and what to reject.

Here are some suggestions that may help you reach professional ease with yourself and your colleagues:

  1. Accept the school as it is. You have an obligation to work with the basic objectives of GACS… You earn freedom to disagree only after you have proved your ability to conform.
  1. Accept the school’s schedule, although this may be hard to do. Because of the many interests the schedule must serve, it may cause some inconveniences.
  1. Accept your share of additional duties. Each teacher must take on responsibilities outside the classroom. Meet them; do not shirk such duties. Organize your school time and off-school time so that additional chores work little hardship..

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Galloway Academy Visitors

GACS welcomes and encourages visits to school by parents, other adult residents of the community, and interested educators. In order for the educational program to continue undisturbed when visitors are present and to prevent the intrusion of disruptive persons into the schools, it is necessary to invoke visitor controls.

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