In keeping with the belief that learning should take place at home, in school and in the community and with research showing that parent involvement is the single most important indicator of school success, the GACS Board of Directors has identified “Different Levels of Parental Involvement ” as a major system priority. The purpose of this policy is to promote meaningful parent and family participation and to identify standards for effective parent/family involvement.

Other GACS Board policies that directly support parent/family involvement are: School Accountability and Improvement; Communication and Public Engagement; and Standards of Student Services.

The parent/family involvement policy is adapted from “National Standards for Parent and Family Involvement Programs,” and is consistent with the State of Florida Goal 8 for Parental/Family and Community Involvement. Further, the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 reflects the importance of parental involvement in educating Title I children and involving their parents in the process. To ensure meaningful parental involvement in Title I programs, Congress has mandated that at least one percent of the overall Title I budget allocation to districts be spent on Title I activities to comply with these and other provisions in the new law.

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